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No Classes in 2022 (so far)


Robin Main is a prophetic artist, author, speaker and teacher who equips people to be the unique and beautiful creation that they have been created to be.


She spent 15 years basking in the Lord's Presence, as she did an ascended study of Melchizedek in Scripture. She flows in love, grace, revelation and wisdom with her SPECIALTY being kingdom enlightenment.


Her MISSION is to enlighten the nations by venturing to educate and restore the sons of God.


Her CALL is a clarion one to mature sons of the Living God as well as His Pure and Spotless Bride who will indeed be without spot or wrinkle.


Her ULTIMATE DESIRE is that everyone be rooted and grounded in love, so that they can truly know the height, width, breadth and depth of the Father's Love.


In this Kingdom Day, it is time for kings and priests of the Order of Melchizedek to bring heaven to earth and fully synchronize the kingdoms of our earth with the kingdoms of our Father and the Messiah.
We will go through one book in the Understanding the Order of Melchizedek: Complete Series each month.
Know that we will be taught of God via the governors and tutors of the Seven Spirits of God and the Hebrew Living Letters, which will cause us to more fully take on of the glorious character of the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ). We will revelatory activate and encourage all students as well as bring much more depth than what has already been published.


Online Interactive Class via Zoom in the Sapphire Cube Room at


? (as led of the LORD)


(Note: Video recordings of these classes are available at


We take time to answer people's questions and endeavor to complete the book; therefore, the end time of these classes will vary depending on subject matter and participants. Recordings are made available to everyone who registers.


$25 per class (Please note class. For example, "Melchizedek Mentoring Class #1" - or - 





$175 complete series (8 classes total - recordings included)

Payable to PayPal account


Or checks payable to Sapphire Throne Ministries can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 353, Masonville, CO USA  80541 

Please make a note that it is for the Melchizedek Mentoring Class.


Subscription email with instructions to join will be sent out upon receipt of registration fee.


Melchizedek's Time, Appearance & First Ministry





Specifically, our first class will amplify and activate principles in the first book entitled - Melchizedek's Time, Appearance & Ministry. We will learn why this is the perfect time for the Order of Melchizedek to come into its fullness. We will learn about how the first Melchizedek in Scripture shows us how to become Kings of Righteousness and Peace. We will also learn about how the first ministry of Melchizedek has the power to restore immortality.

Please write down any questions during the class or ahead of time, because the Melchizedek Mentoring classes are very interactive. Recordings are included for all who register.

The Melchizedek Time, Appearance & Ministry book is available here :- as well as being a part of the

Order of Melchizedek: Complete Series book:- (most economicl for all classes).

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