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I awoke to Yeshua telling me that He wanted to “talk turkey,” which meant that He wanted to be frank, forthright, and direct.

When Our Beloved started to share, I first perceived that He was upset and wanted to share the burden on His heart with His helpmate (His Bride). The message that He shared with me is that His heart grieves for the many (I heard “millions” simultaneously) of souls that hang in the balance. Then, I saw a mega-quake.

Messiah Yeshua continued to share that most of these souls don’t know Him and He is grieving about that and what’s about to occur – judgment on the West Coast of the United States of America. This judgment will be known as the Great Quakening.

Mene, Mene… (Daniel 5:25). America has been weighed and found wanting. Turn to your Beloved. There are divine encounters available for all souls in the short time that remains, especially available for lost souls. Messiah Yeshua’s heart is already grieving for the many lost souls. The Lord our God is extending great grace, favor, and protection for those who seek and turn to Him in their time of need.

Hollywood will fall. America’s economy and the world’s economy will collapse. The Lord says that it is teetering now already. This is His mercy. If He allows man to collapse the economy, the entire world will be enslaved. This is His mercy for you and yours. Look with eyes of faith to your Provider – Jehovah Jirah – who is God Almighty, the All-Sufficient One. His mercy includes the ultimate purpose of hope, success, and a future.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Set your heart and mind on Him. Confess and repent of your sins and the sins of humanity. Cleanse your heart and your hands, for He needs His people to be Him in this hour of great need. The fields are white and ripe for harvest.

Have hope in the Lord. This divine reset is required to take out the evil networks and evil systems that rules the world: government, business, media, etc. This is the Messiah’s Kingdom come! His divine will being done. Know that the righteous will inherit the earth and the wicked will be judged and done away with.

Your security is in the One who loves you. Your protection is in the Rock that is higher than you and I (Psalms 61:2).

Do not be dismayed when you witness the West Coast collapsing, for His Kingdom is here and rising, as the kingdoms of the earth grows strangely dim.

This will be My Church’s finest hour.

In Him.

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main

Copyright August 18, 2020 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main



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ART: Angel of the Seven Sounds by James Nesbit


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