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When I sat down to spend time with our Heavenly Father (Abba) this morning, He started downloading the story about Jezebel and her tactics. The following word I received ended at 6:36 AM on 1 February 2023. Here goes:

The Lord has been teaching me some additional Jezebel tactics through some real-life situations. So, this morning, I asked Abba about Jezebel.

Abba began: “Ah, Jezebel. She had so much going for her. She was a spoilt daughter of a king who was indulged to the max; and thus, became demanding, headstrong and haughty. She felt she could do no wrong, because her parents taught her preference for herself over Me.

Due to her pride and perchance for the finer things in life (the world), she fed her sensual worship of power, greed, and materialism. Which, by the way, naturally led to the alliance with the prophets of Baal, because they exulted her and her desires by telling her what she wanted to hear. The prophets of Baal enabled her and stoked up the dark, evil de-vices within her. Any godly priest, like Elijah, called her out on her caca and she didn’t like it.

To get her own way at all costs (while making it appear that she was trying to be reasonable and submissive), she learned the tactic of triangulation. Jezebel would enlist a passive person’s agreement (albeit sometimes begrudgingly) to gang up on a third individual to manipulate and control the third party’s thoughts and actions.

You have learned about this the hard way when someone hurt two people who were dear to you. When you confronted her, saying, Why did you do that? Do you remember her response?” Yes. Why wouldn’t I? They let me.” One of the key stances against Jezebel is to not let her get away with anything. Stand firm against Jezebel. Don’t let her difficult and pushy demeanor rule the day. Her husband Ahab was passive and compliant. Fiery Elijah was not.

People started to catch unto Jezebel’s coercive tactics, so she learned the dark arts of subterfuge, sabotage, and slight-of-hand. Jezebel learned to befriend someone who was good and godly (not perfect), to keep them close, and to use them through mirroring them. All the brides of satan use mirroring.

People who did not solely seek Me fell into her traps. They got confused about who was good and who was evil. When Jezebel mirrored the good person (who was seeking to grow in truth, righteousness, and holiness) she projected her loathsome persona on them. Thus, Jezebel scapegoated that individual in her own eyes and others, so that she did not have to take responsibility for herself and her actions. Always remember that Jezebel refuses to repent. If you don’t want to be a Jezebel, repent.

Cinderella is a tall tale that features an evil step-mother – let’s call her Jezebel – and her evil children who were Cindy’s evil step-sisters. Look at what these enticing storytellers are telling you. Notice that the evil step-mother uses Jezebel’s tactics of control, manipulation, humiliation, and intimidation. Her children are her underlings who do her bidding while learning the witchy tradecraft of Jezebel.

Jezebel (the evil step-mother) steals Cindy’s inheritance; and then, uses it to lord it over her. Jezebel is a harsh taskmaster treating Cindy more like a slave than a servant when she was supposed to be neither in her own home at the time. The family triangulated against Cindy through guilt, complaints, and mockery. If Cindy had an incredible opportunity, like going to a royal ball to meet the prince of the kingdom, Jezebel and company tried to overwhelm her with things to do; and then, lock her up to keep her away from her true destiny. But, even the storytellers know that pure-hearted Cindy will learn through her fiery trials battling Jezebel and her children to overcome them in order to marry the rightful Son of the Kingdom Messiah Yeshua. Jezebel can try to control and hold down My Bride; but the invitation to My wedding feast has gone out. Jezebel’s days are numbered. The royal ball will be held, and My Bride will show up to greet and marry her Beloved.

So… don’t be passive when another person is trying to control, manipulate or intimidate you. Be firm in the Spirit. Don’t allow it. Most times you won’t have to say a word; because the people under Jezebel’s influence recognize true authority in Christ. You must recognize when someone(s) is triangulating against you. Ask Me and I will show you who is operating in the Jezebel spirit and who is trying to overcome to become like Christ. Remember, the mirroring tactic.

It’s time for My Bride to overcome Jezebel. One of the good spies that got to enter My Promised Land was Caleb. His name means “dog.” Remember how Jezebel was thrown down from her balcony – her lofty perch – and then, her flesh was eaten by the dogs (2 Kings 9:30-37)? My overcomers will not tolerate Jezebel who refuses to repent (Rev. 2:20-23). My overcomers will allow all works of the flesh to be consumed by Me (Gal. 5:19-21; 1 Cor. 6:9-11).”

Let’s bind, rebuke, and prohibit all ungodly Jezebel arcs (triangulation), mirroring, and tactics in Jesus’ Name!

Give em heaven, Overcomers!!!

Robin Main

Written February 1, 2023 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!



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