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The High Priests (Kohen Gadol) of the Most High God entered the Holy of Holies to learn of the secrets of His Kingdom. It was, and is, the priests that cleanse God’s Temple.

When we review the characteristics of the first designated earthly priests (Levitical), we can glean insight into the original requirements of the Lord that are still valid and necessary for His royal priesthood today. These priestly characteristics show us areas in our own lives that can use some improvement (need to be cleansed).

Let’s understand the priestly behavior expected of God’s holy nation:

[1] Levitical priests were set apart; because they paid the price to go against the flow. They RADICALLY OBEYED when Moses stood at the gateway of the camp and proclaimed: “Whoever is for HASHEM, join me!” (Exodus 32:26). Only the Levites dedicated themselves to uncompromising service to God at the judgment of the Golden Calf. They took a painful stand of justice and righteousness – sword against their brothers who were guilty (Exo. 32:27). By their loyalty and courage, the Levites were given the right to replace the firstborn to be designated as God’s chosen ones to serve Him in His Temple. The Levites are called to serve God bravely and unselfishly, even when it means standing against guilty parties who are loved ones.

[2] Levitical priests were GOD CENTERED. They camped around the Presence of God, not around a person, a doctrine, a group, etc. Numbers 3 lists God’s “honor guard” (the Kohanim and the Levites) after counting His tribes. These are the ones encamped immediately around the Wilderness Tabernacle. Then God commands Moses to bring the Levites before Aaron to formally designate them as servants of the Kohanim – the High Priest linage – and to be representatives of God’s holy nation in safeguarding the Sanctuary (at the time where God dwelt) and assisting in its service.

[3] Levitical priests GAVE UP THE RIGHT TO A “NORMAL” LIFE. The LORD Himself became their inheritance (Deut. 18:2).

[4] Levitical priests provided CITIES OF REFUGE where the broken-hearted, hurting, and guilty people had a safe place to go to find themselves again (Numbers 35).

[5] Levitical priests’ FIRST MINISTRY WAS TO THE LORD, and it still is for the royal priesthood of believers (Ezek. 44:10-16).

[6] Levitical priests led CONTINUAL WORSHIP in God’s Tabernacle and Temple. There was a special song for each day as well as specific songs for festivals, sacrifices, and offerings. Hebraic tradition says that when the LORD “spoke” the world into existence that He actually sung. Please refer to .

[7] Levitical priests brought the Presence of God back to Jerusalem and to all cities where they made a CONSECRATED WORSHIP STANCE (1 Chronicles 15).

[8] Levitical priests BROUGHT THE ARK OF THE COVENANT INTO ITS PLACE [its peace], which means that the government of God – His Throne – came with it (2 Samuel 6:17; 1 Kings 8:6).

[9] Levitical priests have a covenant of life and peace with Almighty God, which calls for holy reverence. True instructions are found in the priest’s mouth and nothing false is found on his lips. The lips of a priest preserve the knowledge of the Lord’s will and ways, by which men seek instruction from the MESSENGER OF THE LORD ALMIGHTY (Malachi 2:1-7).

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main

Written March 2, 2023 Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!





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