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The leadership team for Mystic Mentoring ascended over the Word from Abba Father’s visitation to Robin Main on August 20, 2020 ( The following is its results. We encourage everyone to enter in via the Holy Spirit:

We experience red blood cells on a cellular level. They are holy in the image of the Father. They swirl around us. It is a holy transfusion… holy infusion… We lift up our arms in surrender. We hear the song: Lift up your hands to the coming king.

We are instructed to breathe in deep. Two trails are going in our nostrils. We hear: “Double ventricle.” This is a new type of calming energy. It is a preparation. The One New Man in Christ heart is being highlighted. Our heart is changing. It is getting bigger – enlarging – to contain more of Him. As we are breathing it in, there is a gentle white mist swirling around us. The mist is the Seven Spirits of God. Abba Father is bringing the Seven Spirit of God in greater relationship with Him. There is a preparation… gold-infused glory (as red as the sunsets).

Our hands are out, and we rotate counterclockwise. We sense we are being made new… renewed… like back to the garden before the Fall. We see the first man – Adam – with his glorious nature in the land of glory. Adam motions to us and shows us an illuminated path to himself. Adam is translucent light. Adam touches us and we get transformed into the same glorious state. The atmosphere is thick with glory. It feels homey, comfortable, cozy…

One step before we get to Adam, Adam says: “I’m not a big deal, but I am your birthright… perfect man created in God’s image.” One in the group asked: “Did I come out of your side?” Adam answers: “No, we are all one.” This is all about Metatron – the undifferentiated state of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) – the Prince of the Presence.

We follow Adam into thicker mist. Adam is just in front of us. He motions for us to follow. It gets less dense, as we enter into this space. We look to Adam and he says: “Seek ye first the kingdom.” We are walking as one, perfectly in synch. Adam is translucent and so are we. Energy is flowing between us. It feels normal. Comfortable. A part of us has always been here (i.e., never left). Salvation is of the Lord. We are always in the garden.

We feel the Father coming into the garden. His Presence is vibrant blue. We walked and talked with the Father in the midst (mist) of the garden. He tells us, “Doesn’t everything else pale in comparison.” Then Abba says, “Come walk with Me.” We have a good talk when walking in the cool of the day.

Abba has a whole entourage with Him. It is an honor guard. It is around us too. It is a great privilege… in the secret place. We get the sense that Abba is bringing us to a place where He wants to show us something intimate – a circular place.

We feel Abba is heartbroken. We sit down on some rocks where a panoramic vista looks out from it. We see a screen drop down that’s hung on nothing. Abba says: “Look and see My beauty.” He emphasizes: “Remember this.”

Abba flicks His finger, and scenes begin to play on the screen. Multitudes of crowds are running. It’s a stampede. They have lost everything. There’s such anguish and terror on their faces. We see a flame of fire pass through the people. We see the people screaming. They don’t know where they are going. They are running to escape what’s after them. Every person who is running is seeing a screen of what they have done. They are running from the truth of who they are and the reality of what they have done.

Abba tucks us under His right arm, which is a place of love and safety. We see up ahead of the people running. At the eight o’clock position ahead to the left is a fiery pit that they are running head-long toward.

Abba says, “Stay close to Me.” We hear the words: “Season of Discontent.” It has to be fulfilled. They are running right into the fiery pit, like running off a cliff. They are in such a panic mode that they cannot stop. We hear: “But for the one.” Then we see a man turn and God plucks him out. The fiery pit is a being. It has a mouth. It’s like a wormhole. Abba created it too.

It is millions of people. They repeated had the choice to choose Him. They chose not to choose. We see people descend into the fiery pit to preach the gospel.

We see a massive earthquake and people ascending to the Father’s open arms of love. A Melchizedek Army is formed out of the millions that have arisen. Don’t grieve. There is rejoicing in heaven.

There is something from the north. The ground shakes. We see volcanoes going off in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Mexico… both North and South America. We hear: “Look out below.” Something is coming.

We see the entire Pacific Plate going up and down. It is rocking. We see tsunamis originating from the whole Ring of Fire. It’s like the ocean is vomiting up. All the tsunamis are going to Hawaii. We see three volcanoes go off in Hawaii. It looks like fireworks… God’s display of His power. There is no meanness or hatred… long-suffering. The land is rolling, like waves. The tsunami went all over and above Hawaii. We hear: “Hawaii will be gone, but don’t worry I will greet them.”

“There is no way this can be explained away by science.” We hear God say, “Look to Me your ever-present help in times of trouble.” We see Mount McKinley in Alaska and glaciers moving. Some people will survive. We hear: “Look out below” again. These earth changes are because of changes above. It will affect earth below.

The earth is brimming up. We see fire. The end-result is redemption. The wicked ones are being placed strategically. Evil will be purged, and redemption will come. The righteous will remain. Ones in the fire will be redeemed. They will know good, evil and there is a God.

It is judgment time, and the wicked ones are being judged… very soon. Judgment is beginning in My house with the false prophets and false shepherds. God is angry. Father says, “That’s what I am most disappointed in.” Those not living for God fainted before the Father and they were no more. Abba has given them choices time and again. Father tells us: “Those are the ones who have truly rejected My love. They are accountable for ones that they have led astray.” Abba’s heart grieves. They were given every opportunity. They had freedom. They thought they know Me. They thought they had more time. I knew them not.” They were playing chicken with God. They have no reverential fear. An evil generation seeks signs and wonders. We see the money-changers tables. “They saw it as a job instead of a lifestyle.”

Church halls. Political halls. They also confess Me. The manipulating Jezebel... rare bare-naked lust for power. Church halls and government halls will fall first. That is My mercy for the people. One less voice to not be manipulated and controlled by. “They never guessed this.

I will replant My church by the hand of humble men. All pride will fall. All idols will fall. All plans of man will fall.” We see one humble man. We hear: “The only mega will be Me.” They will hear God and seek Him. The humble anointed shepherds will resonate with Abba’s heart and replant the church – His Church – founded on The Rock. Church halls and government halls will be rebuilt, not even on the same foundation. Rock-n-roll.

People will know that they supernaturally survived and be grateful. Some will still not recognize God. We see God wipe (swipe) His hand and clean the table.

We see a whole bunch of white beings rising (i.e., 144000). We hear: “They are going to preach the gospel all over the earth and in hell. These are My chosen few. They will already be transformed when they arise. Transformed in an instant when they are taken by God, like Enoch.” We see the Transformed Ones go up; and then, out. We are already in the Garden. Abba says: “You don’t understand what you’ve already done.” We see the Transformed Ones winking out and being some place else.

Something spiritual is coming to the “Sold-out Saints (Wise Virgins) on Earth” way too. Something like twin It is like a heaven and earth arc. It is like identical twins who can feel and think like each other. We are one. Twin Witnesses, not two. Abba says: “I’ve got them all over the world. Why wouldn’t I?” It is His secret weapon. We see the kicking of a 4 to 5-inch rock. The twins – two witnesses – are in robes rolling and kicking rocks.

Abba asks: “Where do you think My hand will land last?” We answer: “The Dome of the Rock. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem.” Nations are going to be reduced to nothing. Focus on the Kingdom of God. The Hand of God’s judgment causes the Messiah’s Kingdom to begin. We see golden gate walls rise up, preparing for the Messiah’s return.

We see Messiah Yeshua land right before the Western Wall. A sonic boom goes out when Yeshua’s feet touch the ground, and the scales fall off His Jewish peoples’ eyes. Jews (Jewels) prostrate themselves and bow down. They recognize their Messiah. There is wailing coming from the city. The whole nation was lied to generation upon generation. There is relief. They can finally breathe with true freedom. When the scales fall from the Jewish peoples' eyes, they start crying, weeping, wailing…

When Messiah Yeshua talks everyone can hear. He talks within all people with an inter-com. We see instant believers. We see Muslims hearing Yeshua and recognizing that He is the True God.

We see a little Mongolian warriors on horses riding towards Jerusalem. Yeshua flicks them with His finger and they fall back. Some nations still think that they can fight Him. We get a glimpse of the final battle. The souls that haven’t turned (believed and repented) God gathers, so that they can destroy themselves after the Messiah’s Millennial Reign begins at Armageddon.

Humbly Submitted by Robin Main. A representative of the Mystic Mentoring Bench in obedience to the perfect will of the Father (

May you focus on the Father, tuck yourself in and hear His heart.


Robin Main

Sapphire Throne Ministries

PO Box 353

Masonville, Colorado USA


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