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Now that we have gone over the most excellent Ascension Songs that King David wrote once he was already ascended and positioned in the perfect heart of our Heavenly Father, we will continue by exploring the Ascension Songs that King David composed that helped him ascend. There are many glorious keys and mysteries in David’s Ascension Songs.

Due to Labor Day in the U.S.A. being September 7, 2020, this class is moving up a week to Monday, August 31, 2020 starting at 5:30 PM MDT (Denver, Colorado USA). Class recording is given to all whom register. Hope that you can join us!

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RESOURCES AVAILABLE: • Ascension Manual book =>

• Understanding the Order of Melchizedek: Complete Series book =>

 MEL GEL Study Guide book =>

• MEL GEL Study Guide: Volume 2 book =>

• Set of Hebrew Living Letter Flash Cards =>

• Blazing New Wine of Hanukkah: Bridal Restoration of DNA book =>

• SANTA-TIZING: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up book =>



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