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I don’t know about you, but I have been taught that the word “selah” in the Psalms means slow down and think about it. Although I think that this is excellent instruction, for it is always good to slow down and contemplate things, it is not what the Hebrews say “selah” means.

Selah is one of the most difficult words to translate in the entire Book of Psalms. The Hebrews usually translate selah as “forever.” However, a couple Hebrew Sages considers selah to be a musical note – more specifically, a musical instruction – addressed to the singers of the psalm to raise their voices.

Never forget that the psalms that David wrote are actually songs. Additionally, the fact that this musical instruction selah is included in the very text of the psalm denotes the significance of the melody in the message that David sought to convey. The music and its message are one for pure worshipers of the Most High God. The Art of Music is essential wisdom; because melodies have the power to arouse the soul like nothing else.

We will be exploring this and other Tabernacle and Throne of David mysteries in our next School of the Firmament #9 Class, which is entitled the “Ascension Songs of David – Part II.” We will meet this coming Monday evening (tomorrow) starting at 5:30 PM Denver, Colorado time. You can either join our LIVE Zoom Class or purchase its recording, which is included in the registration fee. For more information and to register, check out =>

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main

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