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For a limited time, Sapphire Throne Ministries (STM) is offering a special sale on all our teaching video series that feature a deeper revelatory flow in regard to the Order of Melchizedek and the Bride of Christ. Decades of spending time in His Presence and His Word have gone into all these teachings.

Here's the deal. You can purchase one STM Video Series for $100, or two to three STM Video Series for $200, or four or more STM Video Series for $300. This special sale lasts until January 31, 2023.

The STM Video Series available are:

[1] Melchizedek Mentoring – 8 classes

[2] School of the Firmament – 12 classes

[3] Revelations from Metatron – 10 classes

[4] Mel Gel – 12 classes

[5] Light of the Messiah – 7 classes

[6] White Wedding – 10 classes

[7] The Feast – 15 classes

You can see what is offered on our videos webpage – However, please do not submit your order on our STM videos webpage; because this special offer is ONLY available by either making a direct donation to STM’s PayPal account ( or mailing us a check or money order at: STM, PO Box 353, Masonville, CO 80541 USA

P.S. All proceeds go towards the Lord’s work through STM. I am currently writing a book on the Messiah’s Hebrew Living Letters™, which hopefully will be available by Passover – April 5, 2023.

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main



Ascension Manual book =>

Understanding the Order of Melchizedek: Complete Series book =>

MEL GEL Study Guide book =>

MEL GEL Study Guide: Volume 2 book =>

SANTA-TIZING: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up book =>

• Set of Hebrew Living Letter Flash Cards =>


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