The manifestation of God’s Presence is how the Order of Melchizedek gels. This is a continuation of the MEL GEL deep dives into the Kingdom of God through the MEL GEL teaching series facilitated by Sapphire Throne Ministries.  
Subjects include:  
8. Bull's Eye of Righteousness 
9. Cherubim Chariot 
10. The Firmament 
11. A Tale of Three Cubes 
12. Melchizedek Pavement 
NOTE: These are the teaching notes from Robin Main’s MEL GEL Video series that are available for purchase in the VIDEOS SHOP.

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    Clarion call to the Order of Melchizedek and the Bride of Christ.
    Calling all royal priests to lead their own inner fire bride forth.

    ​It's time to become walking-talking demonstrations of the Kingdom of God 

    according to the PERFECT WILL & LOVE of our Heavenly Father.