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Understanding the Order of melchizedek: Complete Series is a compilation of seven books in Sapphire Throne Ministries.'  Understanding the Order of Melchizedek Series as well as an eighth book that's a major key for God's people maturing into the fullness of the Order of melchizedek, the fullness of the Bride of the Messiah, and the fullness of the Heavenly One New Man in the Messiah - Metatron.


A very unique chapter entitled the “Fullness of the Messiah Bodily: Metatron” has been added to the eighth book – Blazing New Wine of Hanukkah – which reveals a vital key for growing into the 100-percent fullness of the Messiah bodily. Another major addition is found in “The Original Melchizedek” Chapter of Book 2 – Practical Keys to Unlocking Melchizedek. The new section is called “Assignment of Death.” Here I share my own ascended experience in overcoming an Assignment of Death, as a king and priest of the Most High God.


Even though there are additions, modifications and corrections in this edition, the integrity of the previously published books is mostly kept in-tact.


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