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Ascension in Christ


Mystic Mentoring is a Christ-centered, relationship-based cooperative community founded in the Spirit and Truth (Word of God). We are an ASCENSION IN CHRIST HUB where we facilitate various online group ascensions that seek to see, hear, understand and do the perfect will of the Heavenly Father corporately, with the goal of connecting to the Father's Heart and His perfect love.

We seek to do what Yeshua (Jesus) did when He walked both in heaven and on earth (John 5:19). 


Mystic Mentoring is a hub where believers connect first to Christ and then with others in order to corporately ascend & descend by the Spirit on the Son of Man (the Word of God) by the blood of the Lamb into the very heart of the Father.

Yeshua is our Pattern Son (Ephesians 4:9-10).


For more information please refer to the Ascension Manual.


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