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"Awake!" says The Father from The Throne Room of Judgement, as fiery coals from a burning altar fall as hail fire through the starry night sky to the earth below... "Awake children! Your judgement is nigh."

"Father!” we cry. "We are praying and calling out for evil to STOP! Have mercy..."

Suddenly, there is stillness, and we know He is with us and we are with Him and are in agreement. We hear Psalms 55:22 "Cast thy burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee; He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved."

With love lingering in His voice, Father says, "I've heard you. My coals of fire are coals of mercy and love. Millions are going to die and be pushing up daisies. There is going to be a "sorting of the souls." Many will be taken home to love, peace, and joy - new life! But those who curse Me, they have a coal with their name on it - a cup of wrath!

An exquisite crystal goblet appeared before us with orange fiery flames of wine flickered from the middle. The Lord spoke, "Drink!" And as we obeyed and drank the flaming liquid, warmth began to spread throughout our bodies. An internal flame burned within us. "Can you drink of the cup? (Mark 10:38). The fiery flame inside of you is the same temperature and essence of the fire that is coming… the fire of judgement and wrath that is from Me. Drink My fiery wine and you will not be burnt. Those closest to Me are the warmest. You are Ministers of Fire! Ministers of the Flame of God!" (Hebrews 1:7, Daniel 3). There is a remnant that is joined with Me in the flames and walking among the coals. (Isaiah 6). There I have prepared a table for them in the presence of our enemies, as it is written in Psalms 23:5. “I have anointed their heads with oil and their cups overflow with My flames of fire."

"My Word is sent forth." So I ask, "What do you see? Are you going to be sad; or do you see as I see, from My perspective and know that My judgements are used to show My Love and Mercy?"

"I AM watching to see that My Word is fulfilled. " (Jeremiah 1:11, 1:13, 24:3; Amos 7:8, 8:2).

~ Stephanie Park


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