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We start our Ascension Time with reading a word for the ascension - the Gate of Heaven: “Behold, I AM with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you. Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, ‘Surely, the LORD’s in this place, and I did not know it.’ And he was afraid and said, ‘How awesome is this place! This is none other than the House of God, and this is the Gate of Heaven” (Genesis 28:15-17).

We led to honor our guardian angels, warrior angels, and the Great Cloud of Witnesses. We get in Divine Right Alignment. We go through the Blood of Christ to the heavenlies. We seal this ascension off in all dimensions by the Blood.

We see an orb brighter than the moon. We see a cross in the distance. We see a sunflower. This sunflower is waving in the wind with the grass that surrounds it. It is almost like the grass and this one sunflower is worshiping.

In the swirling sky, there are swirling colors of blue and white that looks like a “S” that has been made real long. It’s behind the sunflower. It is not opening up. It is like a sky. We hear the whooshing of the ocean and wind sound, like you hear listening to a seashell.

This yellow sunflower bows like wheat. When it becomes harvest time, the top of the wheat begins to bow down. Humble. Tares do not bow down. They stand up straight.

We see children dancing. The children are under the sunflower, and the sunflower is beaming down something. It seems like a shower head. We see what looks like an opened umbrella. We see the spokes on the umbrella with seed pods hanging down from each spoke all the way around the umbrella. These seeds are getting ready to come forth from it. We hear: “The seeds are part of the harvest coming forth from the children.” HE is bringing up the children.

We see a little very white lamb coming from behind the children and to the left of the sunflower toward the children and the sunflower. The name of the lamb is “innocence.”

We see a woman giving birth. We hear bells, like church chimes. We hear: “It’s time for the church to rise up. The children are going to be brought forth through the innocence and purity of the Lamb.” We see this woman birthing a whole new generation. It is the generation: “Out of the mouth of babes He has ordained praise.” God is using the foolish things to confound the wise. We are going to see great wisdom pouring forth from the children that He is bringing forth and birthing. Children are going to be prophesying over the church. The church will know that it is of God, because of the depth of the knowledge they will bring forth. There is no other way they could know it, except by God.

We see Jesus’ feet walking on the water. As He is walking, from His feet come torrents of water that looks like horses, but they are water. We see a big rainbow over all that. Then Jesus picks up each child one-by-one and breathes into them.

We smell a sweet odor coming from the children, like they are flowers. We hear that the seeds that are planted, they are going to come to maturity quickly, even though the children are still going to be children. They are going to be matured fast because of the spirit that is in them and they are so open to this… therefore maturing rapidly. We see scrolls over the kids. We see the kids reaching up and pulling the scrolls down. They have no fear. We sense a new hunger stirring up in the bellies of the church. It’s related to watching how children are so bold and child-like. We are instructed to take scrolls that are given to the children. We place the scrolls into our spirits. We are going to be part of bringing these kids up. That is why we are supposed to take their scrolls, eat them; and then, we are going to be responsible in the birthing of this.

We see pods coming off the sunflower are producing a perfume. We see a bottle, and we can see time, like a sundial speeding up. The perfume coming off the pods is stored in a slender bottle with a stopper that has a skinny neck at the top and wider at the bottom. The children are carrying the fragrance of the Lord. Underneath it, we can see the sundial speeding up. It is time for the children. We will help birth all this into their lives. We sense that we are all spiritual mothers (and fathers). As the time was moving forward, we see the children being enlarged. The children are blooming. We hear: “The children will be freed from the limitations of time.” We hear in the birthing that we need to take responsibility in the spirit, so when this comes (wherever it is or whatever level) they will not stop this birthing.

There is something to Jesus’ feet being in the waves and the waves being like horses. We saw that it was like the tide is turning. There’s going to be a flip flop where the children are going to be teaching us. God is going to be teaching them; because they are so pure in spirit. Their hearts are so pure and innocent that we will be learning from them.

We see life-giving new oil coming from the children’s hands, giving life to parched lips. We understand this is a time of acceleration in maturity. Things that used to take six years will now take six months. What took six months will take six days.

A Scripture comes to mind that we also have to “come as little children.”

The sundial is the ancient foundation for the perfume of the Lord. We see the sundial disintegrate. It goes away. This birthing will not be stopped, because the time is going to be so much different. The time that we are entering is going to prohibit the birthing from being stopped. The hunger is going to be so great that the people won’t want it stopped.

We understand that they are going to travel through dimensions, no longer hindered by time and space.

There is oil dripping from the children’s hands. We see a thick, golden-color honey. It’s shimmery, like light. It starts out thin as oil, but changes into honey. The oil is dripping from the kid’s hands, but it is coming down from the sunflower. What’s coming down from the sunflower is drenching the kids. It is like a shower. We are drawn to the umbrella shape. It’s raining upon the children; then, coming out through their hands (through the works). The oil is coming from the sunflower. It’s like a covering over them. In turn, it will flow through them and out their hands. Not only will they be mature, but they will also walk in healing nations. There is a huge anointing on them, a huge mantle.

The oil raining down from the sunflower transforms into shimmering honey to heal the nations, from the pod and through the children. The children are blooming. There is a multiplication effect of the sunflower. We see the children themselves being transformed into sunflowers. The oil is coming from them. The children are the conduit for the oil. We see the children ascending getting more oil and bringing it back. They have no fear ascending. “A child shall lead them.”

We see children ascending, becoming conduits for the Father’s oil, which is His Word. We feel that the Lord Himself is hitting a reset button to place value on children. It’s going to convict the heart of this nation. It’s connected to abortion, and the embryos in a suspended state. We hear: “This is the redemption of Wade versus Roe.”

The little white lamb had pink lips, like human lips that were soft pink. It’s about the innocence of the Blood of the Lamb and the testimony of the little lambs (i.e., innocence). It is also about the redemption of the innocence that has been stolen from the children. The lamb is coming to kiss the Son (kiss the son in Psalms chapter 2). You shall overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of your Testimony and not loving your life even unto death (Revelation 12:11).

We go to Psalm 2 as well as Revelation 12:11. The sundial goes with Psalm 2. It disintegrated. It’s going to be a time of great devastation that is going to make people hungry. We read PSALM 2. WE ARE ASCENDING OUT OF PSALM 2 TODAY. [Don’t be afraid to go to Scripture in an Ascension, if you sense it is the perfect will of the Heavenly Father.]

We see bread, oil and wine being handed by the children to the chosen of the Father. It’s like the children are giving gifts out: long life, joy, and wisdom of His will regarding His sons. Sunflower oil is contagious joy and happiness of the Lord. Sunflowers are also an edible flower. It’s very interesting that we will eat from the children. The oil from the sunflower is good for the heart. Sunflower seeds are edible too.

Psalm 2:1 from The Voice Bible… “You are wondering what has provoked the nations to embrace anger and hell.” We see these children ascending into the heavens and coming back. The kids are going into the heavens, protecting, and changing what’s happening to the children under that spirit of A... It’s more than that, but we see that. The children are going to establish not just the church; but the nations. They will establish major things going on in the nations. God is going to touch the children in the nations that have never even known the name of Yeshua (Jesus).

Ascension will be essential for the children, because they flow very naturally this way. Some adults will have a hard time keeping up with the children. We see that the children will become the elders -- the new priests on the earth – as an everlasting priesthood bringing the old into the new. They are the BRIDGEWAY TO THE NEW CHURCH. WE ARE THE BRIDGE TO THE NEW CHURCH. We read First John 3:1-3. We are becoming the children. It is almost like our clocks are being turned back. We are becoming more child-like to walk in the true nature of God. We read Mark 10:15. We sense this ascension is not just about little children, but it’s about all of His children. It is about all of us and the return of innocence. That’s part of the reason that we ate the scrolls. We are going to steward this well.

We get confirmation that the children are to become the new priesthood on earth (return of innocence). We got earlier that these children will operate outside of time and space. The Order of Melchizedek literally operates outside of time and space. They operate in the “Eternal Now,” which is pictured in the Tesseract – a four-dimensional cube. Study the word “NOTHING” in KJV, and you will happen upon this Tesseract where you go outside time and space into God’s Kingdom. “NOTHING” in Daniel 4:35 speaks about how man is nothing and nothing is all about doing according to His will… the army of heaven doing according to His will. The Eternal Now means we can see the past, present and future all at once. It is about going back before the beginning and pulling it into now. This all has to do with the everlasting priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek.

It is important that it was said: “The redemption of Wade vs. Roe,” which is normally stated “Roe vs. Wade.” It is a flipping of that whole thing. It is an overturning, a reversal of the law of the land by a heavenly decree on earth.

We are going to stand in the court as Wade and this is going to be overturned. The bread of life returned to the children of Wade who have overcome Roe. There are children in heaven crying out due to them not being able to fulfill their purpose and destiny on this earth. They are going to join us in this heaven-and-earth church.

All those aborted, miscarried, and lost children in heaven are going to participate in group Ascensions in Christ with the children on earth – heaven and earth church of these children’s whose destinies have been aborted. They are part of the Great Cloud of Witnesses, and they are coming forth in this hour to fulfill their purpose and destiny here on earth.

We read a scroll: “Bring the children up to play with the children.” The reason we were eating the scrolls earlier is that these were scrolls of the children who were not allowed to live their life because they were aborted. We are literally giving birth to the scrolls. Women giving birth to their scrolls into the earth of the children that have been aborted. Scrolls are being brought forth to be sown into the children of this day. It’s the full manifestation that is birthing a new generation in conjunction with the generation of the aborted. This goes right into the children becoming elders. If children have been aborted on earth and they have been adopted and dedicated back to Him, they do mature in heaven. Those first children that would have been aborted with Roe v. Wade in 1973 would now be 40 years old, which is the age for eldership. Forty also represents a generation of aborted children. The children who are elders on earth can meet the children who are elders in heaven. Miscarried and murdered babies are included in this. These are scrolls of the children who were lost. The children who were abused and traumatized lines up with those who have lost their innocence.

“Wade” in the dictionary is defined as a walk through water or another liquid or soft substance [Jesus was walking on water and where He was stepping was coming up like horses (i.e., power).] The waves were turning over. It was watering the land where the children are. After that a rainbow came over them and Jesus was picking up children one-by-one and breathing into them... and the tide was turning]. WADE is an English baby name that means first ford as a river crossing: advancer : to step in or through : to set to work or attack with determination or vigor.

DECREES: [Be specific to decree only what we’ve heard, understood or seen… very important.] The picture of the ocean means that we are to decreeing this over the entire earth, the sea of humanity. We are standing in the water. The Lord cups His hands and blows water over us. We are clothed in linen white. It’s like a bowl of water being tipped out over the earth. When we take those scrolls into us, this is what He is doing.

POSITION: We STAND in the water (oceans of the earth) ankle deep where the waves hit somewhere under the rainbow. We are grounding all this into the earth realm by putting the scrolls into us.

· “We decree the children in heaven and earth are ascending and descending on the Son of Man, and they are a conduit. They are freed from the limitation of time, and they travel through dimensions no longer limited by time or space.”

· “We decree the bread, oil and wine flowing down from Yeshua as the fragrant sunflowers being handed down to the chosen of the Father as gifts of long life, joy, and wisdom of YHVH’s will for the healing of the nations and for the purpose of turning the hearts of the children to the fathers and hearts of the fathers to the children.”

· “We decree the breath of life returned to the children of Wade who have overcome Roe. Jesus wading through the water with His feet being like horses. WADE (waves) overturned and watering the land with a rainbow covering of the redemption of the promise of the lost children. Yeshua picks up each child and breathes into them life everlasting. The tide is overturned NOW! This is the redemption of Wade vs. Roe and redeeming of the innocence stolen from the children.”

· “We decree we are the bridge to the new church that refuses to come off the cross, so we can become like children.”

· “We decree that children are now become the elders of the New Church (the new priests on earth) as an everlasting priesthood bringing the old into the new.”

We take the scrolls into our heart as a grounding of these decrees.

Feedback after the decrees: Precious in the eyes of the Lord are the death of His saints. Because we agreed to death to self, we become their servant. As we put the scrolls into our hearts, they were multiplying in number. The scroll became pointed on one end and became a major sword, representing righteously dividing the word. These children are God’s secret weapon. Surprise! I saw an explosion of love like an earthquake in magnitude.

In the first MM Group Ascension, we agreed to go to battle. In the second MM Group Ascension, we agreed to fight for women and children. In the third MM Group Ascension, we agreed to joining the children. Love and laughter are the weapons.

~ Robin Main, Mystic Mentoring (MM) Group Ascension #3 – God’s Secret Weapon of Children (slightly modified) – January 2015. From the “Ascension Manual” by Robin Main, p. 181-191,



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