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Did you know that King David was sick and bedridden for 13 years after His sin with Bathsheba?

Even though David was contrite, there were consequences to his sin(s) that he had to plow through. King David came to understand that the righteous accept their life’s pains and difficulties as a means to release their soul from the shackles of sin.

David accepted divine punishment (i.e., discipline), and he recognized that it was well deserved. The purpose of the punishment is to arouse the soul to the awareness of its shortcomings.

God has made man’s soul to ascend higher and higher to praise Him. The heights of a soul’s ascent is determined by how much the soul has perfected itself. Therefore, the righteous desire life to enrich one’s soul in order to prepare it for eternal bliss here and the hereafter.

Truly, true glory comes to God when a conflicted soul; chooses to make a right decision and follow through with it.

The man with a heart after God… The God-ordained king of Israel had to continually press into the Lord with repentance. He had to be tenacious, even though he was weary: “I am wearied with my sigh” (Psalms 6:7). David just would not let go God’s kindness: “Save me as befits Your kindness” (Psalms 6:5).

Hebrew history reveals that David wept so profusely that his bedding had to be changed seven times each day. He shed tears of remorse over the incident of Bathsheba; because even though David knew better, he had succumbed to the lust of his eyes and heart. It went on so long that David’s enemies tormented him, asking, “When will he die?” This continued until David dug down real deep and implored God to take pity on him and lift him from his sickbed so that he could transmit the scroll that contained the instructions for building God’s Temple to the people. God granted His request.

Repentance is a Key of David in the Tabernacle of David. Repentance is key to a heart like David being cured. Will you be made whole? Will you confess your sins and repent (turn)? Will you ask the Lord to lift you up?

During these Days of Elul (Repentance), let us confess your sins and the sins of humanity at large, so that we can arise, be healed from our infirmities and walk, so that the scroll for the building of the perfect Temple can be released and displayed to the world.

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main

Copyright August 20, 2020 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main



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