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It is extremely significant that Moses spent the days of Elul, which is our modern day forty-day Season of Teshuvah (Repentance), fasting and writing out his side of the ketubah (marriage contract) to God: “HASHEM said to Moses, “Write these words for yourself,’ for according to these words have I sealed a covenant with you and Israel.’ He remained there with HASHEM for forty days and forty nights – he did not eat bread and he did not drink water – and He wrote on the Tablets the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments” (Exodus 34:27-28 Tanach).

A major way that I will meditate on God’s Word is to slowly write out Scripture, as I am checked in to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I have many journals to testify to this fact. Sometimes we talk and sometimes it’s a telepathic connection, but understand I am not merely interested in words and concepts. My utmost interest is to get to know Yeshua Ha Machiach (Jesus Christ) personally and His beauty-filled ways. It is truly about the ultimate heart and mind connection. One of the most incredible and weighty compliments that the Lord has ever given me is saying: “You are a woman of My Word.” If you peered inside my journals, not only would you see Scripture, but you would also see that I wrote down any revelation that flowed along with various pictures to encapsulate what I comprehended. It is an excellent way to stimulate my recall.

Somehow, I believe that all this was at work when Moses climbed the Mountain of God the second time to get a second chance at the ketabah – the Marriage Contract between God and man. The first time God had gifted the Ten Commandments, which was written by the finger of God on two sapphire cubes. Please refer to These are the “Tablets” that Moses supernaturally broke at the foot of the mountain due to the incident of the Golden Calf: “It happened as he drew near the camp and saw the calf and the dances, that Moses’ anger flared up. He threw down the Tablets from his hands and shattered them at the foot of the mountain” (Exodus 32:19 Tanach).

The second time the ketubah was not exclusively the handiwork of God. Man – Moses – had to do his part by carving out two stone cubes that God would then inscribe. How critical that there are two sides to any marriage contract. The second ketubah was forged between God and man.

I believe that Moses heartfelt agreement cause him to somehow write these same words, either physically, mentally, or spiritually, as Exodus 34:27 suggests. As Moses wrote the words for his ketubah with God, he deeply meditated upon every jot and tittle written. Moses contemplated what God meant by this word or that, and its connection to other things. Moses also deliberated about what was his part (how could he and his people keep their side of the marriage contract with the Most High God).

Why I say this is, because Moses did not return the same after his second trip up Mount Sinai. Sure. Moses was placed in the cleft of the rock to be shown His Glory, but his encounter with The Rock of Israel would not have happened without Moses personal and deep-felt connection to His Beloved – the Word of God.

We should use this as a template for every Season of Repentance since this was the very first occurrence. After Moses spent forty days and forty nights in God’s Presence in prayer, fasting, writing, and mediation, he was shown God’s Glory and overflowed with His Dwelling Presence (i.e., Shekinah): “When Moses descended from Mount Sinai – with the two Tablets of the Testimony in the hand of Moses as he descended from the mountain – Moses did not know that the skin of his face had become radiant when He had spoken to him” (Exodus 34:29 Tanach).

This Season of Teshuvah let us make it our goal to ascend God’s Mountain to spend so much time in His Word and in His Presence that we fulfill our side of the ketubah with God. Thus, we will be like Moses where we are transcendently sustained and filled with His Shekinah Glory.

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main

Written August 15, 2021 – Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!



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