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The bridal walk to divine oneness with our Beloved Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) begins by standing under the Arc of the Seven Spirits of God with Yeshua above the rainbow arc. Behold, a Menorah is in front of the Arc with the violet color of the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord emanating His Presence.

The seven flames of the Seven Spirits of God in His Temple provides a particular light in the midst of howling, swirling wind. Their rainbow color tongues of fire flame on. Think of Pentecost.

Behold, the face of the ox, which represents Father God. A whole yellow-tan ox stands peacefully before you, He is strong. Hear a very powerful constant waterfall. See big white lilies with green leaves layered with the archway.

The current of the wind swirls around the archway with an infinity symbol that meets in the center of the arch – right in the center point of the Menorah. Hear Him say, “Go into the Menorah.” The center branch and center flame are highlighted. Behold, there is both a Seven Branch Menorah of the Temple and a Nine Branch Menorah of Hanukkah (i.e., Hanukkiah). Lift up the 9-Branch Hanukkiah in your right hand to light your way to His One-Dear-Land; and then, step into the center of the Temple Menorah (i.e., yourself).

Behold, a translucent blue pathway is before you with the ox there. A clear path is ahead of the ox. Hold up the Hanukkiah to light the way to follow the ox. Step in unison with the ox. With each step, the ox’s hooves strike the translucent blue path. It releases electric shocks. The atmosphere is charged. Feel the surge of energy come through your feet. Behold, following in the Father’s footsteps feeds the entire atmosphere that you partake. Our Heavenly Father is infusing His frequency along with the glow of the Menorah’s flames. Allow your body to absorb His intensely charged goodness in order to be taken higher. Feel the sensation in your heart and see the seven rainbow colors of the Seven Spirits of God.

From the Father’s pathway rises golden flecks of light drifting up on a breeze, like fireflies at night. Behold, His pathway winds higher and higher and higher… Let yourself be drawn to be led by the ox up His revelatory pathway. Feel the significance – the weightiness – of the journey.

Behold, there are invisible tethers from the ox around your waist, so you can glide up His pathway. No effort is required beyond resting in Him.

Behold, the seven paths of the Seven Spirits of God run perfectly parallel, yet they are all overlain on each other. There are seven (several) different dimensions overlaid in the one. These paths of the Seven Spirits of God look like a double-image photo. They are all folded into one; but are separate. On the translucent blue path of the Spirit of Might (Power), we know that all seven paths are there.

Follow the ox. Follow our Heavenly Father. The ox moves forward on this dimensional translucent blue pathway with golden sparks. Feel yourself being chauffeured on His path. Feel the easy glide under your feet. Feel the movement of the air, as you move. Feel the excitement. Smell the cleaner and fresher air of the heights.

The Father’s perfect pathway leads to a level place on top with another archway. At the end of the gathering place in a field is an arch with an enormous throne underneath it on a platform. Actually, there is a center throne and three thrones on either side, just like the flames of Menorah. When we get to this elevated majestic archway, the Father’s tethers drop, and the ox walks through the ascended archway. The blue translucent pathway goes right through the center.

Behold, this pathway to the Father’s high place grows just ahead of His steps. Abba is creating the path of oneness of the Seven Spirits of God for the Bride of the Messiah. Hear: “There is room for all.” The Bride of the Messiah are all together with Him in the center of creation.

Abba emphasizes the Hanukkiah lifted in the Bride’s right hand before the throne. We stand before the center throne looking out and we are absorbed into the ox. We look out through the big beautiful eyes of the ox that can see 360-degrees of endless vastness. We see the white lilies on either side of the meadow as well as other colorful petaled flowers (zinnias).

Look down. Your feet are bare. The ground is holy, and Messiah Yeshua is there before us. Yeshua takes the hand of His Bride and stands beside her looking out. The great big white lilies are emphasized again. We hear: “All creation.” The other petaled flowers are mingled in quite a bit of red and blue, which symbolizes the kings and priests of the Order of Melchizedek.

There is a cascade of petals raining down on Yeshua and His Bride like confetti. Hear the joy, the laughter, and the cheers.

The Seven Spirits of God are sitting on the seven thrones. These are the witnesses of this divine union. They are the judges that have been the Bride’s governors and tutors who give their permission for this match made in heaven. It is the enthronement of the Seven Spirits of God in the Messiah’s Bride. It is the enthronement of the tongues of fire. We understand that the flames of the Menorah are sentient beings. The oil moves as each flame speaks. These seven thrones are seats of authority in Him. These Seven Spirits embody the Nature of Christ within His Bride.

The celebration petals pile up around the newly married couple. Yeshua and His Bride are joined together in holy matrimony. The gigantic white lilies represent resurrection life. The colorful petaled flowers represent all dimensions of creation.

A heavenly scribe comes before the seven thrones to meet Yeshua and His Bride in the center. The scribe’s scroll is their ketubah (marriage contract) that contains the Hebrew Living Letters REYSH and KOOF. Yeshua and the Bride of Christ’s ketubah is all about what is highest and most important as well as holiness, specifically holiness on earth. The scribe describes the holiness of the match.

We see the six thrones rotate clockwise around the center one. It is the right way around. The Bride of the Messiah is one with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit here. This is the divine oneness of His Bride.

We hear an ancient unlocking sound. It feels so clean and new… so full of light. In the rushing wind, we hear” “It is finished” over and over again with His song playing softly in the background “I Want to Marry You.”

Give em heaven!!!

Robin Main

Written May 18, 2021 Sapphire Throne Ministries – Robin Main. Copyrighted – If you are going to copy this, please copy it right by giving attributions to this source. Blessings!





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