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Have you checked out all eight books in Sapphire Throne Ministries’ “Understanding the Order of Melchizedek” Series? Word has it that God is all over them!!! Throughout September 2020, whenever you purchase one of the smaller books in the “Understanding the Order of Melchizedek” Series, you will receive the Melchizedek Mentoring teaching video that goes along with it for free, which is a $20 value! Proof of kindle purchase is required.

The following is a brief synopsis of each of these Scripture and Presence inspired books in the order that STM recommends people read them, along with a link to purchase them. BTW - We highly recommends purchasing physical copies that you can access when the electricity goes out.

[1] MELCHIZEDEK’S TIME, APPEARANCE &FIRST MINISTRY – In this Kingdom Day, the kings and priest of the Most High God are being made after the Order of Melchizedek. Learn about why this is the perfect time for the Order of Melchizedek to manifest into its fullness. Learn about how the first Melchizedek in Scripture shows us how to become Kings of Righteousness and Peace. Learn about how the first ministry of Melchizedek has the power to restore immortality.

To order the Melchizedek’s Time, Appearance & First Ministry book, go to =>

[2] PRACTICAL KEYS TO UNLOCKING MELCHIZEDEK – Necessary understanding and practices needed for the manifestation of the Order of Melchizedek as well as answering questions like:

• What must a person do to receive the fullness of the ministry of Melchizedek?

• Why the raising up of One Man is important to the Order of Melchizedek?

• Why the Melchizedek Company is considered treasurers of the most intimate?

• How does the Corporate Melchizedek have the power over death?

To order the Practical Keys to Unlocking Melchizedek book, go to =>

[3] TAKING ON COMMON UNION – Reveals a kingdom mystery that has been hidden from the ages, which empowers Christ’s mature body to attach to His mature head. See how the Order of Melchizedek is the predecessor of the Bride of Christ and is the literal pool from which she comes.

[4] HITTING THE BULL’S EYE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS – Reveals how those who enter the Kingdom of God needs to be their own royal Melchizedek priest that leads your inner fire bride forth through the three crucifixion steps required for the Bride’s Baptism of Fire.

NOTE: Hitting the Bull’s Eye of Righteousness is no longer available as a smaller book. If you can produce proof that you purchased the Understanding the Order of Melchizedek: Complete Series book in September 2020, you can receive this Melchizedek Mentoring teaching video for free. Simply email your proof-of-purchase.

[5] FORMATION OF THE NEW LIVING CREATURE – is all about some extremely deep kingdom mysteries, which unveils the Cherubim Classification of the Order of Melchizedek. See how the human messengers of the Most High God journey into deep inner space to become a vital part of a wing of God’s Melchizedek Army that flies by the Spirit together.

To order the Formation of the New Living Creature book, go to =>

[6] WINDOW INTO THE WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS – Have you ever wonder about the gyroscopic wheels within wheels? Press your nose against this pressure-treated glass to delve into the depths of the Wheels Within Wheels. There is one wheel within a wheel beside each of the four living creatures, who together, make up the Living Creature in the matrix of Ezekiel’s Chariot Throne. Significantly, the spirit of the Living Creature is in the wheels. When a person maps the modern-day applications of beryllium (beryl) to the New Living Creature of the One New Man in Christ, we get a glimpse into how these mysterious whirling wheels function for those made after the Order of Melchizedek.

To order the Window into the Wheels Within Wheels book, go to =>

[7] PLACE OF SAPPHIRES – Discover the mysteries of the Place of Sapphires where God searches out all perfection. See how the seed DNA of the Order of Melchizedek (i.e. Shamir Stone) and two sapphire cubes cut from the Almighty’s own throne are keys to becoming His Radiant Bride.

[8] BLAZING NEW WINE OF HANUKKAH – Discover the ancient and everlasting way encapsulated in Hanukkah. Not only is there passionate blazing new wine within that’s key to the divine restoration of the Bride of Christ’s DNA, but it’s literally a picture of the Church becoming His Pure and Spotless Bride. If Yeshua (Jesus) risked His own life during Hanukkah to perform a miracle that put an exclamation point to proving that He is the Messiah, what is He requiring of His Bride? Come! Let’s embark on the greatest adventure of our lives where we are wildly abandoned to His beautiful Altar Dance. Let’s travel back to the future into the very bull’s eye of God’s Kingdom, as we relive the events of the first Hanukkah, Yeshua’s celebration of Hanukkah as portrayed in Scripture, and how we can restore these age-old foundations in this Kingdom Day.

To order Blazing New Wine of Hanukkah: Bridal Restoration of DNA book, go to =>

Sapphire Throne Ministries (STM) has also published a few other books:

[1] ATTENTION! This Complete Series book is a compilation of all the above books, which is a more economical: Understanding the Order of Melchizedek: Complete Series book =>

You are able to get the Hitting the Bull’s Eye of Righteousness Melchizedek Mentoring teaching video for free with this purchase. Simply email your proof-of-purchase during September 2020.

[2] SANTA-TIZING: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up book =>

[3] Let There Be Light! Hanukkah Meditations book =>

[4] Ascension Manual book =>

[5] MEL GEL Study Guide book =>

[6] MEL GEL Study Guide: Volume 2 book =>

Give em heaven!!! Robin Main


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